Ffg: Split Disc

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ffg

Title: Split Disc
Label: CD Baby

[FFG] Tracks 1-3 .: Roseville, CA:. {way too sexy for a BIO} myspace.com/ffg =-=-===-=-=-=-=-=-=---=-=-=-=--===-=-=-=-=-=-=-==---=-=-== [MALFOY] Tracks 4-6 .: Chico, CA:. myspace.com/malfoymusic HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BAND? Chico, CA - Local law enforcement officials need your help locating the 3-piece modern punk band, MALFOY. Last seen as the core of rock/punk band uncuT, surviving members Tony Kasper, Ryan Fockler, and Bob Zammit are considered to be a serious threat to conquer the region. Armed with 8 years of chemistry, hundreds of shows, and two full-length albums under the uncuT name, these three brothers have formed MALFOY with a potent mixture of hypnotic melody, tight harmonies, and mature song craft. This new group fuses all the best elements of their past with a weight and purpose that can only be earned through years of triumph, frustration, and intense life experience. Proven highly addictive in even the smallest does, audiences are advised to avoid this band at all costs. Our sources inside the department warn, 'Unless these individuals are apprehended immediately, MALFOY is certain to grow in strength and influence until all of their ambitions are realized. Our best intelligence has confirmed that the band will release their first EP (a split record with allies FFG of Roseville, CA) in October 2005. Unless they're stopped, the band's sound will spread like a virus through CD sales, internet streams, and explosive live performances across the country.' If you have any information as to the whereabouts of MALFOY, please contact local authorities. Past accomplices include: Story of the Year, Yellowcard, Tiger Army, Madcap, The Line, Pepper, Last Target, One Man Army and others.

1.1 Give It a Brand, Give It a Name (FFG)
1.2 From Your Wallet to Her Heart (FFG)
1.3 Head Over Heels (FFG)
1.4 Photograph [Malfoy]
1.5 Friends Like These [Malfoy]
1.6 Sound and Fury [Malfoy]

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