Fiendz: Dreams

Fiendz: Dreams
Title: Dreams
Label: CD Baby

SOME DREAMS PRESS... "Truly one of the most diverse, unusual, and compelling records ever to emerge from the pop/punk scene. Seventeen great songs with tons of flailing vocal arrangements. Really weird and way beyond cool. Fuck yeah! This is colossal'. ---BUZZ FACTORY 'This gets really beautiful and I think it's the real radio sureshot.' ---POWERBUNNY 4x4 'This is one damn good band.' ---JERSEY BEAT.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Bring It All Back
1.3 Over Your Shoulder
1.4 Chubby
1.5 Baby Don't Go
1.6 Carnival
1.7 Note
1.8 Boredom
1.9 Interim
1.10 Blondie
1.11 Chameleon
1.12 I'll Be Fine
1.13 What Do You Wanna Do?
1.14 Crimes
1.15 So Like a Clown
1.16 Afraid of What I Know
1.17 Disappear

Fiendz: Dreams

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