Fire Alley

Fire Alley: Fire Alley

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Artist: Fire Alley

Artist: Fire Alley
Title: Fire Alley

Riffy, Groovin' Southern Fried Hard Rock, Nicky Baldrian at AOR DREAM ZONES calls it 'If you love Stryper, you love this' Andrea Bertamino of AOR website callse it 'Motley Crue meets 70's Southern American States Rock.....a good old fashioned listen.

1.1 Wait
1.2 Call on Me
1.3 Thick and Thin
1.4 Living for the Moment
1.5 Reaching for You
1.6 Dear Child
1.7 Awakenings
1.8 Lost in Yesterday
1.9 Winner Takes It All
1.10 By My Side
1.11 Black Cat Crawl

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