Firstborn: Firstborn

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Firstborn

Title: Firstborn
Label: Sound Pollution

2017 release from the Swedish band. It is time for revolt. The pressures of social expectation are ours no more. We will not do as our fathers command, we will not be what our mothers wish and we will not fit into the mold that they made for us. We are the Firstborn and we will make our own destiny. The bible already sets the tone: God's wrath taking the Firstborn sons of Egypt and saving the Israelites' by the mark of sacrificial blood. Religion wielded as a weapon then as it is wielded now. Firstborn refuse this logic of sacrifice and strain against what they perceive as a means of control: "It is one of our key messages, that everyone will try to manipulate you with everything they got at their disposal. We want to fight that, resist that climate of demands and sacrifices. We want everyone to be able to be who they want to be!" Alternative rock band Firstborn are claiming this right for themselves, too.

1.1 Incomplete
1.2 Sidewards
1.3 Stall
1.4 Where Is Your Home?
1.5 Headstrong
1.6 What I Need to See
1.7 The Last Fix
1.8 Welcome to the World
1.9 Take Me Back
1.10 Bending and Breaking
1.11 What Used to Matter, Won't Matter

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