Five Horse Johnson: The Mystery Spot

Five Horse Johnson: The Mystery Spot
Title: The Mystery Spot
Label: Small Stone Records

O the past decade, Five Horse Johnson has happily proven doubters wrong. Now, with the Mystery Spot and the help of collaborator Jean Paul Gaster (Clutch) on drums, Five Horse Johnson has created their strongest album to date. Other guests include Roadsaw/Antler's Craig Riggs and Big Chief's Phil D & Mark Dancey, all doing what they do best.

1.1 Mystery Spot
1.2 Ten-Cent Dynamite
1.3 Call Me Down
1.4 Of Ditch Diggers and Drowning Men
1.5 Gin Clear
1.6 Rolling Thunder
1.7 Feed That Train
1.8 Keep Your Prize
1.9 Three Hearts
1.10 Ballad of Sister Ruth
1.11 I Can't Shake It
1.12 Drag You There

Five Horse Johnson: The Mystery Spot

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