Fix8:Sed8: Foren6

Fix8:Sed8: Foren6
Title: Foren6
Label: Dependent

2017 release. With Fïx8: Sëd8, maybe one of the electronic scene's best-kept secrets has found a new home with Dependent. Through two self-released albums, Martin Sane has slowly built up the status he has with insiders of the scene - in contrast to the modern industrial of 2nd Face whose debut we released earlier this year, Fïx8: Sëd8 are classic representatives of retro electro. Utilising movie samples, intricate sequences, and mid-tempo beats, they lean towards bands such as Mentallo & The Fixer or Interlace, attending to the connoisseurs of the electro scene.

1.1 My Mistress
1.2 Baptism of Fire
1.3 Flatline Friend
1.4 Permanent Memory Loss
1.5 Section Room
1.6 Lynch
1.7 X-Shaped Scratch Mark
1.8 High Velocity Spatter
1.9 Puritan
1.10 Ligamentum
1.11 Hermaphrodite
1.12 Eyesaw

Fix8:Sed8: Foren6

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