Flamingods: Majesty

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Flamingods

Artist: Flamingods
Title: Majesty
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2016 release, the third album from Flamingods and their debut release on Soundway Records. Majesty is the follow up to the band's critically acclaimed 2014 sophomore album Hyperborea. With this album, the five-piece have taken their sound in a new direction with a rich and multi-layered album brimming with diverse influences that reflect their multi-cultural backgrounds. The shimmering 10-track album crosses blissful psychedelia with a rich spectrum of the band's sonic inspirations. Majesty was written and arranged with a conceptual narrative, cohesive both musically and lyrically, following the story of protagonist Yuka on his journey of enlightenment. The record is split in two, morning/light/good (tracks 1-5) and evening/dark/evil (tracks 6-10) that unravels track-by-track as the record plays out.

1.1 Majesty
1.2 Jungle Birds
1.3 Taboo Groves
1.4 Majestic Fruit
1.5 Anya
1.6 Gojira
1.7 Rhama
1.8 Sarangi
1.9 Yuka
1.10 Mountain Man

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