Flash Wilks

Flash Wilks: Rolling Stone

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Artist: Flash Wilks

Artist: Flash Wilks
Title: Rolling Stone

For Las Vegas rising star Flash Wilks (born Malcom Jalmal Wilks), getting to perform on the same stage of his biggest influences is a dream come true. Flash is more than just your typical MC from the Las Vegas area with a catchy a flow and attention-grabbing beats it's very easy to see how he is climbing the ladder as an artist. Flash describes his own music as fun and youthful while at the same time signifying deep meaning. "My music is my stories. Some of those stories can be meaningful and still be fun. I never choose a song that I can't relate to in some way, shape, or form. My music will always reflect who I am." Flash Wilks has plans to perform on bigger stages, always trying to grow and mature as an artist and video director. As an independent artist he will be performing songs from his new mixtape following his upcoming hometown shows. While knowing patients hard work and dedication is the key to success, soon he will be making a permanent impact. We recently got a chance to catch up with the multi-talented Student/Artist Flash, "I would love to put 100% of my time into music, It's what I love It's what I do but I still have to finish college. That's pretty important!" Flash also knows that, with God on his side, anything is possible for him to achieve his goals and make his dreams come true. "Everyone has dreams and everyone has wants," he states. "I am just determined to go all out when it comes to mine!"

1.1 Rolling Stone Intro
1.2 I Will Be a Freak
1.3 Exit
1.4 Tear It Up
1.5 Faded
1.6 Roller Coaster
1.7 Twerk Something
1.8 B.O.A
1.9 One Time Though
1.10 Soaring
1.11 Kings Position
1.12 Rent Pass Due
1.13 Geeking
1.14 It's on
1.15 You Can Get It
1.16 Wake Up in the Morning
1.17 Tonight
1.18 One Day
1.19 Man on Fire
1.20 In My Car
1.21 Keys to the City
1.22 Nightmares
1.23 Diary of the Unthinkable

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