Flashcats: Yesterdayand a Week from Friday

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Artist: Flashcats

Artist: Flashcats
Title: Yesterdayand a Week from Friday

This CD showcases the history of THE FLASHCATS with songs spanning their 31-year career. All the hits, from Appetite For Love to On The Road With The Flashcats, a tune so wacky that Dr. Demento played it on his show. There are songs here that the band doesn't even remember recording! Includes the wild sing-along Get Offa My Car, plus the song that led to the historic relationship with Bull Moose Jackson, Nosey Joe, and more! In The Flashcats very own tribute to the Beatles famous Yesterday and Today album, this record has a peel off cover that reveals the secret, hidden 'Flashcats Butcher' cover. Peel it off and put it back on again, as many times as you'd like! And remember, there's always more to The Flashcats than meets the eye.... 'The Flashcats deserve some sort of special Grammy for their brilliant send up of the infamous Beatles butcher cover' -Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

1.1 Appetite for Love
1.2 Best Girl
1.3 5 to 10
1.4 Heartbeat
1.5 Watch Your Step
1.6 Make My Day
1.7 Baby Baby Ooo
1.8 Get Offa My Car
1.9 On the Road with the Flashcats
1.10 Show Me
1.11 Say Yes
1.12 Byob
1.13 Stocks ; Bondage
1.14 Nosey Joe
1.15 You Lose
1.16 She's So Sensitive
1.17 I Don't Wanna Get Up
1.18 Nadine
1.19 Can't Get Next to You
1.20 25 Miles
1.21 Red Rose Tea
1.22 Original Appetite for Love Demo

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