Flatmates: Potpourri: Hits Mixes & Demos 85-89

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Flatmates

Artist: Flatmates
Title: Potpourri: Hits Mixes & Demos 85-89
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited pink vinyl LP pressing housed in a gatefold sleeve. The Flatmates formed part of the first wave of the mid-80s resurgence of indie guitar pop. Although not appearing on the NME tape that spawned the genre, the Flatmates were widely regarded as being part of the C86 scene. In the mid-80's they ran (and gigged) with that crowd, but spurned the coy affectations of cutism. The Flatmates arrived at a time when pop was shiny and nice girls didn't play in rock bands. They never made it to the pop charts, but shortly after their demise, the likes of the Primitives, the Sundays, the Darling Buds, Lush and Elastica did. The Flatmates disbanded in early 1989 before they could release a proper studio album. This double album release gathers together the best recordings the band ever committed to tape including singles, b-sides, compilation tracks, demo's and everything in-between. It is a truly essential artifact of it's time.

1.1 Don't Say If
1.2 On My Mind
1.3 Trust Me
1.4 My Empty Head
1.5 Shimmer
1.6 Tell Me Why
1.7 You're Gonna Cry
1.8 I Don't Care
1.9 I Could Be in Heaven
1.10 Nothing Kills
1.11 When I'm with You
1.12 Bad
1.13 Heaven Is Blue
1.14 If Not for You
1.15 Heaven Knows (Tranquiliser Mix)
1.16 Love Cuts
1.17 Out of Love
1.18 Happy All the Time
1.19 Life of Crime
1.20 You're Gonna Get Hurt
1.21 Sportscar Girl
1.22 Turning You Blue (Campfire Mix)

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