Fleetburner: Fleetburner

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Fleetburner

Artist: Fleetburner
Title: Fleetburner
Product Type: VINYL LP

'This September a special and surprising debut album by a project called Fleetburner will see the light. It's instigated by Dutch guitarist/songwriter Kevin Storm and realized with a choice of renowned musicians from the international world of metal.

1.1 I: The Land
1.2 II: The Beach
1.3 III: The Breakwater
1.4 IV: Open Water
1.5 V: The Fleet
1.6 VI: The Passenger
1.7 VII: The Deck
2.1 VIII: The Course
2.2 IX: Below the Waves
2.3 X: The Deep
2.4 XI: The Endless

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