Flobots: Survival Story

Flobots: Survival Story
Artist: Flobots
Title: Survival Story

2010 release from the American Rock/Hip Hopsters. Survival Story is a vision of hope for a world facing it's limits. While others revel in the dystopian, the Flobots remain committed to their ability to rise together. Navigating the coming years will require new tools. It will require narratives that cause US to reexamine our priorities, redefine wealth, and re-inspire ourselves. It will require that we come together in the face of death and write the story of our own survival. Paying it back, paying it forward. Lead single. 'White Flag Warriors', is a breath of fresh air against the backdrop of jingoistic, ole glory waving war. The band is courageous enough to wave the white flag, not for the sake of surrender, but for the idea of unarmed negotiations.

1.1 Cracks in the Surface
1.2 The the Effect
1.3 Defend Atlantis
1.4 If I
1.5 White Flag Warrior
1.6 By the Time You Get This Message
1.7 Airplane Mode
1.8 Whip$ and Chain$
1.9 Good Soldier
1.10 Superhero
1.11 Infatuation
1.12 Panacea for the Poison

Flobots: Survival Story

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