Flook: Haven

Flook: Haven
Title: Haven
Label: Flatfish

An orgy of flute as Flook celebrate their 10th anniversary as a top quality instrumental band defying the logical restrictions of their flute-driven line-up.... No flies on Flook whose own flute protagonists Brian Finnegan and Sarah Allen drive their own album with tireless flair and constant ingenuity. It's an album so caringly recorded and produced (by themselves and Mark Tucker) you can hear their gulps of air on what has a very live feel, with all the excitement that implies. Flook. 2005.

1.1 Sun Salute
1.2 The Girls in Boisdale Wrong Foot Forward
1.3 Apollo Bay Reel
1.4 The Cats of Camazen Mouse Jigs Son Ar Rost
1.5 Jig for John # 1
1.6 The Mouse Inthe Kitchen
1.7 Souter Creek the House of Little Linghts
1.8 Souter Creek Gone Fishing
1.9 Shuffle Road to Errogie Tir Rafartaigh
1.10 The Road to Errogie Thank You Sean
1.11 Fechin Inn Frigg One Beautiful Day
1.12 (Errana Kaunina Paivana)
1.13 Peter Street
1.14 The Drunke Acrobat Austrian Way

Flook: Haven

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