Floorwalkers: Frankfort - EP

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Floorwalkers

Artist: Floorwalkers
Title: Frankfort - EP

Not only do the Floorwalkers rock but they rock the block! Straight out of Columbus, OH The Floorwalkers mix of rock and roll influenced by their diverse and eclectic backgrounds makes for familiar sounding music that is inherently their own. Their long history together also makes for six musicians who are not only skilled at their craft but comfortable enough with each other to reach in new directions and push for strong diversity song to song. The true challenge for The Floorwalkers comes then in unifying these diverse songs into music that not only has a natural flow together, but sounds as though it could all have been created from a single mind. Their musical road is one followed more and more by musicians who are growing up in a very well mapped and accepting musical landscape. Much of their true cohesion comes in the form of three and four part harmonies propped up behind the infectious melodies and robust voice of Jon Elliott. The band's Frankfort EP shed some light on all of the possibilities that their full length LP is bound to more fully encompass. From the blistering opening track 'First Dreams' to the leg shaking closer 'The Good Word' The Floorwalkers offer up timely and incisive lyrics covering politics, personal relations, and people, all in stride. The band's inclusive name (everyone is essentially a floorwalker) is a reference to a band in Hunter S. Thompsons' Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas named Vincent Blackshadow and The Floorwalkers. As well as finding beginnings inspired by Charlie Chaplin's film of the same moniker. Somewhere between the floors we walk and the feet that walk them is air filled with the music that sets them to dance. The Floorwalkers like to occupy that space as much as possible.

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