Florence Oulé: My Way

Florence Oulé: My Way
Title: My Way
Label: CD Baby

Borned in DIVO in the deep Forest of the west of IVORY COAST (West Africa), Florence Start to sing and play the 'AHOKO '(a traditional percussion instrument) at the 'MOON LIGHT' when she was 5 yrs old. She Grows up in LAKOTA and then moved to ABIDJAN PLATEAU where she joins the City's Younth band called 'Horizon 2000'or Orchestre des Jeunes du Plateau. The Band was very admired by the citizen living in Plateau because of it's repertory made of all kind of music. ( from james Brown,Lionel Richie, Cool and the Gang,Bob Marley,Kassav, Jocelyn B,Pat Benatar,...)She become the Lead singer and her presence in the band has give to the band an image of a Professional band. Playing for wedding, corporate parties,City parties,Schools concerts... and accompaning some Professional Singers...as Aicha Kone,Monique Seka,... En 1990 front of 10,000 people at the FINAL of the National Radio Context called ' RADIO VACANCES' Florence and her band took the first prize and She was nomined Best Female Singer.The same year at an another National Context called 'VACANCES CULTURE ', Florence and her band took the 2nd Prize and she was also nomined best femal singer. This Album will take you musically from the Island to the deep forest of Cote d'ivoire.

1.1 My Way
1.2 Amour
1.3 Koui Pa Glafou (Hommage a Tous Musiciens Disparus)
1.4 Yo
1.5 Nazo Nayi Pelo
1.6 Mahou Maba
1.7 Kpakla
1.8 My Way (Intr)
1.9 Yo (Intr)
1.10 Koui Pa Glafou (Intr)

Florence Oulé: My Way

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