Flower Full of Stars

Flower Full of Stars: Tribute to the Flower King

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Product Type: CD

Title: Tribute to the Flower King
Label: Musea Records France

1.1 Last Minute on Earth
1.2 Cosmic Circus
1.3 Alert Turn the Flora to This World
1.4 Trading My Soul
1.5 Different People
1.6 Grand Old World
1.7 Selfconsuming Fire
1.8 A King's Prayer
2.1 Bleassing a Smile
2.2 In the Yes of the World
2.3 Rumble Fish Twist
2.4 Ghost of the Red Cloud
2.5 The Man Who Walked with Kings
2.6 Pipes of Peace
2.7 Close Your Eyes - a Kings Prayer
2.8 Lobsterland Groove
2.9 World Without a Heart
3.1 The Rainmaker
3.2 Theme for a Hero
3.3 Calling Home
3.4 Stardust We Are
3.5 What If God Is Alone
3.6 Dream on Dreamer
3.7 Silent Sorrow
3.8 Church of Your Heart
4.1 Sword of God
4.2 Don't Let the Devil in
4.3 The Flower King
4.4 Devil's Playground
4.5 World of Adventures
4.6 Jealousy
4.7 The Way the Waters Are Moveing
4.8 Serious Dreamers
4.9 Cosmic Cover

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