Fo/Mo/Deep: Groovy Goodness

Fo/Mo/Deep: Groovy Goodness
Title: Groovy Goodness
Label: CD Baby

Best known for their sizzling live performances, the fo/mo/deep groove is rooted in the experimental school of the 70s...a time when jazz, soul and funk were one and the same. Seeking to defy the ordinary, this diverse collective of seasoned pros keeps things stirred up with unpredictable energy that moves. "A Beautiful Bang" (June 2012) is the sophomore CD release for fo/mo/deep. Their first CD, "Eclecticism," (August 2010) was received with rave reviews. Now with what they feel is their best and most eclectic work 'theGroovyGoodness' (June 2014), fo/mo/deep continues progression toward all things groove. Markus Michel of SmoothJazzDaily writes - 'Music in our times is often described with a certain kind of label like Jazz, Rock, Fusion etc.. But the musical concept of fo/mo/deep is different from that. They don't seem to care for labels; they put different styles together, just as they like it..... The result can -once again- be enjoyed on their new record The Groovy Goodness. The Groovy Goodness takes the listener on a journey into the groovy and funky sounds of the seventies and the eighties of the last century.......Musical eclecticism is often used as a negative term, just to describe music, which contains nothing unique. But The Groovy Goodness shows, that 'eclecticism' can also be understood as 'music without boundaries'...... The Groovy Goodness is an entertaining mixture of the funky and groovy music of the 70ties and 80ties. The album shows that eclecticism can sound unique, when the right musicians are at work....' Rob Young of The Vertical Spin writes: 'Like so many music enthusiast I eagerly anticipate the arrival of new and refreshing sounds, especially by jazz artists. Perhaps more than anything, I'm truly enlightened by the symmetry, lyricism and hidden elements revealed through the canvas of these recordings. With that said Columbus, OH native composer/bassist Ron "FatKat" Holmes returns with his band fo/mo/deep to enhance their distinctive mark on another riveting contemporary jazz offering titled "theGroovyGoodness." From the outset, their enticing brand of jazz artfully envelopes a gumbo of mesmerizing flavors shaped with appetizing melodies are neatly crafted on the opening piece aptly titled "1974." This spunky gem is a terrific way to jumpstart a seamless expedition of attractive tunes that's destined to keep contemporary jazz lovers attention from start to finish. For a variety of reasons I become overjoyed when I hear groups like fo/mo/deep, beginning with the obvious writing and playing original material. Of course, equally as important the contributions here are exclusively by band members is a definite plus. At third spot, the inviting keyboard work of Kevin Jones accentuates the melody with a Sly Stone riff at the intro on the tantalizing yet pulsating melodies underscored in the belly of "Groidology." Without question, this tune harbors all the tangible ingredients of engaging solos and unyielding interplay executed with precision. At this point, featured soloist/trombonist N. Michael Goecke accents this song brilliantly to assure that head-bopping jazz aficionados return again and again for more. ..... The flow of the music resonates even deeper in volume with the raw synergy of "Peach Cobbler," this piece groans with passion any southern born soul is familiar with this style and unescapable sound...... Meanwhile reedman Dr. Keith Newton pours his heart and soul in the chasm of "As She Walked Away," although this piece renders the stimulating textures of soul music you'll immediately embrace the intimacy of this eclectic vibe as they exchange ideas in this body of music. .... From beginning to the end you'll discover how the title "theGroovyGoodness" captures the essence of their imaginative eclecticism through the conduit of the tasty tunes like "The Price of Suga." In fact, this fusion inspired gem is shaped by their buoyant personality reinforces why I love to listen to jazz. In retrospect, as I listen to their music I find they're simply a group of arduous musicians pursuing the ultimate dream of enjoying life playing and recording music they decisively love to perform together as a unit is undeniably a dream fulfilled......' Meet the band: Ron "FatKat" Holmes Jr. - Basses | Ron Hope - Percussion (1974, Groidology, Peach Cobbler & The Price of Suga) | Andre Scott - Drums | Josh Boyd - Keyboards --| Kevin Jones - Keyboards (1974 & Groidology) | Dr. Keith Newton - Saxes and N. Michael Goecke - Trombone (Groidology)

1.1 1974
1.2 Block Party
1.3 Groidology
1.4 Peach Cobbler
1.5 If We, Can Be...(Intro)
1.6 As She Walked Away
1.7 That Song (This Love)
1.8 You Can Love Me Twice the Next Time
1.9 Price of Suga'
1.10 Chasma

Fo/Mo/Deep: Groovy Goodness

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