Fools Faith

Fools Faith: Undone

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Fools Faith

Title: Undone
Label: CD Baby

Formed in the spring of '95',Fools Faith, formally known as Aftermath is a rare find in a musical world of mediocrity. Combining the best of '80's Metal' with elements of today's sound, Fools Faith finds equal ground unparallel by today's standards. Signed to Escape Music (U.K.) in the winter of 2002, their debut release 'Natural Destruction' in 2003 was a critical success unmatched in their genre. With blistering guitars and tight vocal harmonies leading the way, Fools faith has made a name for themselves by providing what so few are able to achieve, old-fashioned hard rock the way it was meant to be played. Following the release of Natural Destruction, the band set out to prove that not only were they a force to be reckoned with, but also were indeed the real deal where musicianship and quality songwriting were concerned. Featuring Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist Joe Dia, Keyboardist/Bassist Andy Kadin, Lead Guitarist Bill DiNapoli, and last but certainly not least, Drummer Marc Chandler, Fools Faith crushed audiences throughout the NY/NJ/CT area with explosive playing that left those in attendance hanging on for dear life. In the Spring of 2005 and following the completion of their sophomore album 'Undone', Fools Faith saw not only the departure of Lead Guitarist Bill Dinapoli but also an untimely split with Escape Music. Undeterred by their losses, the band pushed forward more determined than ever to find comparable replacements even though the choices were slim in the ever-decreasing Connecticut musician scene as well as with the music industry in general. As luck would have it, session player and friend of the band John Gallicano made his services available for however long necessary and in the Fall of 2005 was asked to become a permanent member of the band. Reinvigorated by John's Guitar prowess and his dedication to the material, the band was inspired to return to the studio and proceeded to rework some of the tracks on 'Undone' with renewed vigor. Fools Faith have now begun fielding offers from not only other U.K. labels, but some U.S. based labels as well and continue planning what will become the defining year in their history. Fools Faith seems destined for even greater things. While still sticking to their roots, they have taken things a step further with an album of diverse material which leaves one unable to categorize them into a specific genre. With strong melodies, pounding rhythms and vocals unmatched in today's musical climate already setting them apart from their contemporaries, 'Undone' will only confirm what many across Europe already know, Fools Faith is setting the standards for what many have forgotten; how to successfully rock 'old-school' style while blending the sounds of today.

1.1 All or Nothing
1.2 I
1.3 Somebody's Someone
1.4 Welcome to My Life
1.5 My Addiction
1.6 Hey You
1.7 Star
1.8 Undone
1.9 Child Inside of Me
1.10 Wait
1.11 It's All Over

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