For King & Country

For King & Country: Burn The Ships

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Product Type: CD

Artist: For King & Country
Title: Burn The Ships

2018 release from the Christian pop duo. "This record is about how we learn from our past - how we use that knowledge to inform our future," shares Joel Smallbone, half of the For King & Country duo. "Like a lot of us, our own journey hasn't always been easy, but we've found that you can rise up from the dust, walk away, and dance among the heartache. We hope that the music on this album conveys that sentiment and connects with everyone in a positive way."

1.1 Introit
1.2 Joy
1.3 God Only Knows
1.4 Amen
1.5 Burn the Ships
1.6 Fight on, Fighter
1.7 Need You More
1.8 Control
1.9 Never Give Up
1.10 Hold Her
1.11 Pioneers

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