Forastero: El Submarinista En El Tejado

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Artist: Forastero

Artist: Forastero
Title: El Submarinista En El Tejado
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2016 debut album from Spanish outfit Forastero delivers a riotous but groove driven jazz-punk setlist featuring a theremin and a wonky Hammond organ re-work of the Orbital classic, 'The Box'. El Submarinista en el tejado ('Diver on the Roof'), is Sonic Youth-intense in it's climactic peaks and drips in filmic Morricone quirk when taking breath. Made up by a group of players from Madrid's jazz, Afrobeat and black music scene, Forastero are little known out of Spain, yet they have been experimenting with fuzzed up and leftfield beats and pieces in many of the capital's renowned live music 'salas' over the years. A six-piece, the group plays baritone sax, keys, synths, double bass, guitar, theremin and drums, and have no interest in playing fiddle to Madrid's conservative jazz audiences. In fact, it's the environment of a somewhat static new jazz scene in Madrid that has given the impetus for Forastero's creation and 'outsider' attitude.

1.1 El Submarinista en El Tejado
1.2 Frenesí
1.3 The Box
1.4 Dormíamos, Despertamos
1.5 Morfina
1.6 Baile Watusi
1.7 Por la Calle de la Amargura
1.8 El Dolor Del Dinero
1.9 Medicine Man
1.10 La Balada Del Hueso Lamido

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