Four Bitchin' Babes: Hormonal Imbalance Mood Swinging Musical Revue

Four Bitchin&
Title: Hormonal Imbalance Mood Swinging Musical Revue
Label: CD Baby

Make it a hot time of music and laughs with this Estrogen fueled, hilarious new show that celebrates the best of BABES, BOYS & BOTOX. Produced - with conviction - by Hem & Haw Productions, this disc is lucky #7 for the Four Bitchin' Babes! NOTES: After 16 years as a traveling pajama party, six recordings, and one full length concert DVD, this Fabulous Female Folkestra of indestructible Divas are hotter than ever. Literally! Always evolving, witty and charming, the Babes welcome in a new era with a new cast, and a new musical revue that is one part comedy road show, one part celebration of hearth and home. With sorority sister chemistry they perform original songs and stories offering both poignant views and unbridled comedic commentary on the joys and dilemmas of everyday life. With heavenly harmony, they share struggles to balance careers and family. This CD opens with a cover of “Oh No' the perfect babe song written by founding member Christine Lavin. The 2006 Hormonal Imbalance Musical Revue welcomes cast members, Philadelphia’s comic goddess, Deirdre Flint, showcasing her wry wit with “Cheerleader,' “Boob Fairy,' along with the ever so smooth “Taxidermal Therapy.' Nashville’s studio singing, magazine editing, songwriter - Nancy Moran let's loose as she pumps it up on “Honestly,' while soulfully wishing us all “Unconditional Love.' She also does a straight up killer version of the Camille West/Scott Wodicka hit “Viagra in the Waters.' Longtime Babes, Sally Fingerett and Debi Smith are back with those true to form “Babe Tunes' they’re known for. Sally finally accepts the inevitable and heats things up with “Hot Flash,' calms down while pleading for “One Easy Day' and then finds her balance as she honors ancestors and family with her haunting “Faces On My Wall.' Debi once again takes her 5 octave voice out for a stroll with “Walk The Walk,' and then pays tribute to her walking partner (her mom) with “Just Ask Your Doctor,' a hilarious diatribe of pharmaceutical warnings that Debi co-wrote with her mother Vivian Smith. This new project wouldn’t be complete without Babe hit “Pass it On' Debi’s ode to her son featuring her magnificent Bodhran (Irish drum). The Babes are as wild and wacky as ever all the while living victoriously, one life challenge after another. Join these outrageously funny and multi-talented musician gal pals as they examine and ultimately celebrate the lives of today’s men and women as we all search for balance. “Part serious song craft, part free form therapy… funny, smart, tuneful and sophisticated' Augusta Chronicle.

1.1 Oh No
1.2 Walk the Walk (Debi ; Co.)
1.3 Cheerleader (Deirdre ; Co.)
1.4 Hot Flash (Sally ; Co.)
1.5 Honestly! (Nancy ; Co.)
1.6 Pass It on (Debi)
1.7 The Boob Fairy (Deirdre ; Co.)
1.8 One Easy Day (Sally ; Co.)
1.9 Just Ask Your Doctor (Debi ; Co.)
1.10 Unconditional Love (Nancy ; Co.)
1.11 Taxidermal Therapy (Deirdre ; Co.)
1.12 Faces on My Wall (Sally)
1.13 Viagra(R) in the Waters (Nancy ; Co.)
1.14 The Babes Suspect Foul Play
1.15 Someone's Inner Diva Invades Our CD!!

Four Bitchin' Babes: Hormonal Imbalance Mood Swinging Musical Revue

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