Four Star Revival

Four Star Revival: Knights of the Revival

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Artist: Four Star Revival
Title: Knights of the Revival

Four Star Revival is a Christian hard rock/metal band from Dayton, Ohio USA. Featuring Jack Emrick (Life After Death - which featured members of Armored Saint) on vocals, Benny Bodine (WarMinister) on guitar, Ed Girard (House of Jason) on bass, and Eddie Ling (Time Wasted Sleeping) on drums, these four veteran musicians were brought together by a mutual love of Jesus and a desire to use their talents for His glory. Their full length debut album 'Knights of the Revival', will be released November 4th 2014 on Aztek Records. Songs from the album are already being played on internet and terrestrial radio stations across the world. Join the Revival today!

1.1 Knights of the Revival (Intro)
1.2 Red
1.3 Faith
1.4 Hold on
1.5 Perfect Life
1.6 Somewhere to Run to
1.7 Let Love
1.8 Save Me
1.9 Broken Man
1.10 Home
1.11 Shine
1.12 Fade

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