Fourth Dimension: Invazion

Fourth Dimension: Invazion
Title: Invazion
Label: CD Baby

For a limited time get NOW for $9.99 'A modern work of reggae as pioneering as The Clash.' 'Reggae Legends'- Miami Herald In the past they have performed at the world-acclaimed Reggae Sunsplash, toured internationally with Jamaican dancehall star, Mr.Vegas and shared the stage with artists such as Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, Toots and the Maytals, UB40, Mos Def, James Brown, John Mayer and many others. On may 10 they released their 15 track album Invazion for which they teamed up with Karl Pitterson, the legend who recorded and mixed Time Magazine The Best Album of the 20th Century, Bob Marley and The Wailers Exodus Album, and Steel Pulse's first three albums. Immersed in Pittersons studio in South Miami Florida non-stop for over 4 month period, the innovative pairing introduced some new and surprising elements into the band's established reggae sound. Pitterson has put his mark on other records of such artists as Mick Jagger, Peter Tosh, Steel Pulse, The Skatalites, Robert Palmer and Grace Jones and brought that same vibe and passion to Fourth Dimension's new album, Invazion. As Rastafarian vocalist/bassist Jah Steve divulges, 'In a sense we were trying to create a progressive reggae album while keeping the authentic reggae sound. This concept is precisely why we chose Karl Pitterson to help us with our vision. On the album we feature our new super-dynamic drummer Joe 'Grind' Fagan who has toured with Lady Saw, John Holt and many other R&B and reggae acts and special guest grammy-nominee drummer, Bradley Brown from Sizzla. When writing songs for this album we set out to keep a positive yet rebellious message while staying innovative and fresh..we didn't want the album to sound like any other reggae album. Jah Steve has been involved in the reggae scene since an early age and has backed up Jamaican “Studio 1' greats such as Derrick Morgan. He names Wailer's bassist Aston 'Familyman' and Eric Clapton as his musical role models. Guitarist and vocalist Strings (endorsed by Hutchins Guitars) says, It was quite an honor recording some songs on Bob Marleys personal stage guitar amplifier a 1960s Fender Twin. We used several different guitars and guitar amps from vintage to newer models in order to achieve different tonalities and feelings I think we even used a small amp Karl found in an alley somewhere on one or two track. The lyrics on Invazion reflects themes such as the band's assurance in that positivity and humanitarian beliefs are still alive. With lyrics on the title track that chat, “If we all could keep on giving the love that we have, Let's reach a new land. And in Muertos En Vida, one of the two Spanish tracks on the album Pierre Arnau Keyboards/Vocals asks, What kind of seeds must we plant to see this world grow? Pierre relates, reggae music is like medicine, people come to our shows and tell us they are off their medication and it's because we helped them with our music. The music on the album Invazion was created on the concept of elevating the spirit, body and soul through word-sound-power, it's what we believe the album was meant to be but it is really up to the listeners to interpret it in their own way. Fourth Dimension succeeds on being revolutionary and radical on this album as well. With tracks like Too Little Too Late, a song criticizing the government for their lack of assistance on the disaster caused by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans the chorus sings, 'They saw the water was rising, What they did seems like nuthing, We saw the innocent dying, Thought someone would do something'. Fourth Dimension Invazion is sure to be a landmark album in reggae history and it is a definite must-have for any reggae collection. Like renowned UK act Steel Pulse, Fourth Dimension features a likeable, buoyant live-band sound with catchy hooks and layered harmonies. Also like Steel Pulse, there's a pop edge to Invazion, with bubbly melodies and electric guitar riffs, making it accessible without becoming saccharine sweet. Fourth Dimension never really falls into the trap of becoming a Steel Pulse clone, however. They establish their own sound with dancehall-flavored tracks like 'Showdown' and 'Everything Dun' and Spanish-language tunes 'Muertos en Vida' and 'Levanta,' which fans of Gondwana should enjoy. All in all, there's plenty to like about Invazion for both diehard reggae fans and newbies. Standouts include the laid-back title track, the righteous 'Highest Praise,' and the luscious ganja anthem 'Yes.'

1.1 Invazion
1.2 Too Little Too Late
1.3 Dis Ya Music
1.4 Yes
1.5 Live Up
1.6 Something Sure
1.7 Showdown
1.8 Frequency
1.9 Muertos en Vida
1.10 What a Situation
1.11 When the Pressure Drop
1.12 Highest Praise
1.13 No Other Woman
1.14 Levanta
1.15 Everything Dun

Fourth Dimension: Invazion

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