Foxx, John / Budd, Harold / Garcia, Ruben: Nighthawks

Foxx, John / Budd, Harold / Garcia, Ruben: Nighthawks
Title: Nighthawks
Label: Metamatic

2015 reissue; originally released in 2011. I was at art school. A girl I was in class with played Gymnopedies on the lecture piano one afternoon, June 1966. I remember the scene exactly - old Victorian art school, doors open to a long avenue of trees. River beyond. Summer glistening outside. I was very young and everything seemed magical and infinitely promising. Completely captivated in a moment of stillness and wonder. It was also a first exposure to successful minimalism - the music was so simple, yet profoundly elusive and subtle. Never forgot it. Everything else followed from that single moment -John Foxx. The Nighthawks album is dedicated to Ruben Garcia, who, sadly, died in 2013. John Foxx: Harold Budd recommended Ruben Garcia's music to me - and that alone is a significant achievement for any musician. His album Room Full of Easels illustrates why Harold was so intrigued. It's inventive, tranquil and joyful music from a pure spirit - a truly independent and idiosyncratic artist. I count myself very fortunate to have been involved with a small part of the recorded music Ruben left behind. Nighthawks was originally released in 2011 and is now part of the Metamatic label's catalog for the first time. It's a moody, cinematic album, very noir and New York, still full of wonder but with a sense of unease and a colder atmosphere blowing through the late-night piano strikes. John Foxx and Budd are keen to do more work together, but, as Budd says, I have no idea about what's coming up next. I suppose I should be concerned about that. I don't like counseling people to be blasé, because if nothing was happening for a long time it would be maddening, but I'm not there yet, so I don't know.

1.1 Down a Windy Street
1.2 Now That I've Forgotten You
1.3 The Invisible Man
1.4 Fugitive Desire
1.5 From Then to Now
1.6 When the City Stops for Snow
1.7 The Shadow of Her Former Self
1.8 Music for Swimmers
1.9 Lovedust
1.10 Nighthawks

Foxx, John / Budd, Harold / Garcia, Ruben: Nighthawks

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