Foxy Shazam: The Church Of Rock and Roll

Foxy Shazam: The Church Of Rock and Roll
Artist: Foxy Shazam
Title: The Church Of Rock and Roll

Foxy Shazam is an American rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio, made up of 6 individuals. Eric Nally (vocals), Daisy (bass), Aaron McVeigh (drums), Alex Nauth (horns), Loren Turner (guitar), and Sky White (piano). The bands name came from a saying in high school meaning cool shoes. Eric Nally states that going to an all-black school influenced his soulful singing and has added flare to the bands overall style. Foxy Shazam has worked with critically acclaimed producer John Feldman who has worked with Neon Trees, Plain White T’s, and Panic! At the Disco. The bands fourth studio album, THE CHURCH OF ROCK AND ROLL, is being released January 24, 2012.

1.1 Welcome to the Church of Rock N Roll
1.2 I Like It
1.3 Holy Touch
1.4 Last Chance at Love
1.5 Forever Together
1.6 (It's) Too Late, Baby
1.7 I Wanna Be Yours
1.8 Wasted Feelings
1.9 Streets
1.10 Freedom
1.11 Freedom

Foxy Shazam: The Church Of Rock and Roll

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