Fractal Love Jam: Where You Begin

Fractal Love Jam: Where You Begin
Title: Where You Begin
Label: CD Baby

Fractal Love Jam is the musical project of Jessalynn Jones and Martin Ball, a duo from Ashland, Oregon. As the primary composer and instrumentalist for the duo, Martin brings his diverse musical influences to FLJ, creating songs with electronic and acoustic arrangements spanning the genres of alternative pop, ambient, dance music, world fusion, and reggae. Jessalynn brings her beautiful and melodic voice to FLJ with lyrics focusing on themes of love, truth, and the human heart. Together, their focus is to make music with a clear message with rich instrumentation, infectious beats, and soaring melodies to inspire and lift up all who listen to their unique musical expressions. The album, 'Where You Begin' starts off with a Native American style-influenced piece, 'Storm,' featuring Martin on Native American flute and chant-style singing by Jessalynn. From there, the music shifts into an ambient reggae/dub electronica piece with 'Everybody Rise Up,' with a simple message that hits home for our times. 'Every Time' and 'Just Let Go' demonstrate the couple's alternative pop sensibilities. The title track, 'Where You Begin' is a catchy reggae/pop song reminding listeners that 'Love is the only way.' FLJ takes on anthemic rock with 'What Has Been Denied' and 'Your Precious Heart.' 'Energy Garden' bathes the listener in ambient electronica with world sounds, featuring more chanting by Jessalynn and throat and overtone singing by Martin. 'In Reality' is a powerful dance number, telling it like it is. The album rounds out with the fun and upbeat 'Be Here Now' with a catchy reggae vibe and concludes with the alternative dance number, 'Truth or Charades,' bringing their central message of truth and authenticity home. FLJ performs locally in Ashland and Southern Oregon. This is their first album.

1.1 Storm
1.2 Everybody Rise Up
1.3 Every Time
1.4 Just Let Go
1.5 Where You Begin
1.6 What Has Been Denied
1.7 Energy Garden
1.8 In Reality
1.9 Your Precious Heart
1.10 What It Means to Be Loved
1.11 Be Here Now
1.12 Truth or Charades

Fractal Love Jam: Where You Begin

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