Fraidy Katt

Fraidy Katt: Scratched

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Fraidy Katt

Title: Scratched
Label: CD Baby

WOW here we are 24 years later and the 2 Fraidy Katt demos from 1990 and 1991 have finally been released nationally let alone in the States! What can I say about the band? This was a very special in time in Toronto! The Music scene at that time was busting! Toronto was finally starting to get recognized by L.A. as the next big music mecca. Fraidy Katt was a fantastic band and ready to dominate!! I had met Mick in late 89' and saw a star quality front man in the making! I knew if I could get Robbie and Grant from the band Hollywood Zoo I had the making of one killer sleazy band. Next to come was Cody West from the punk band Personality Crisis and he was our Andy McCoy, fit with drug habit to boot, HA!! The band promoted themselves ferociously through out the streets of Toronto stapling flyers to every wall and lamp post, flirting with every girl to come to our shows! The band debuted summer of 1991 at famed Rock N Roll Heaven blowing the roof off and creating a buzz as Toronto's hottest new hard rock band. We took pride in writing killer hooks and great melodies. Our ballad "No Shoulder To Cry On' was a bonified hit! The band played the circuit regularly that year garnering fans and industry attention. Cody however weirded out and quit the band at the end of 91'. We brought in my ole buddy Dusty to play rhythm guitar and Dusty played some great parts on the band's best sounding demo done at Toronto's famed DEMO FACTORY recording studio. Unfortunately the band was just 2 years too late and by 1992 Grunge slowly worked it's way into mainstream music and killed any chance Fraidy Katt had. The band broke up after summer of 92' and I had left later that year to join Roxx Gang in Florida. Fraidy Katt was a great period in my life and honestly think if we had of come out in the late 80's this band would have made it huge! Thanks to Steve and FNA Records we can relive our youth and share what was Fraidy Katt!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed playing in this band \,/ Cheers, Stacey Blades.

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