Framing Hanley

Framing Hanley: A Promise To Burn

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Framing Hanley

Artist: Framing Hanley
Title: A Promise To Burn

Nashville's Framing Hanley is poised to explode in 2010 with a Promise to Burn, their collection of 13 melody-driven, Alternative Rock anthems. The band has already been named as one of Kerrang Magazine's Hot for 2010. The album promises to captivate and grow their already rabid fan base.

1.1 Intro
1.2 The Promise
1.3 Wake Up
1.4 Bittersweet Sundown
1.5 Warzone
1.6 You Stupid Girl
1.7 Weight of the World
1.8 Fool with Dreams
1.9 Back to Go Again
1.10 Livin' So Divine
1.11 You
1.12 Photographs and Gasoline
1.13 The Burn
2.1 Bonus Material

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