Fran Warren

Fran Warren: It's Anybody Heart

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Fran Warren

Artist: Fran Warren
Title: It's Anybody Heart

This second volume of Fran Warren sides from the Flare label takes US through her early days with RCA Victor to her later recordings with MGM! Includes Let's Make Love; Look to the Rainbow; My Silent Love; Dancing in the Dark; Till We Meet Again (with Tony Martin); Homework/You Can Have Him/Just a Girl That Men Forget (with Lisa Kirk), and more.

1.1 Temptation
1.2 Homework
1.3 You Can Have Him
1.4 Envy
1.5 Just a Girl That Men Forget
1.6 Let's Make Love
1.7 Look to the Rainbow
1.8 Till We Meet Again
1.9 My Silent Love
1.10 That We Is Me and You
1.11 I'll Know
1.12 Dancing in the Dark
1.13 It's All Over But the Memories
1.14 Everyone Knew But Me
1.15 Unless You're Near Me
1.16 I Hear a Rhapsody
1.17 Mother, Mother
1.18 Just Friends
1.19 Wish You Were Here
1.20 If I Could Have You Back Again
1.21 It's Anybody's Heart
1.22 Blame It on Yourself
1.23 Empty Chair
1.24 Kiss Me and Kill Me with Love

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