Frances Coche'

Frances Coche': I'll Remember Wig

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Frances Coche'

Title: I'll Remember Wig
Label: CD Baby

I was yet a baby in the music business, when a friend said, " I have someone I want you to meet". And took me to the home of Gerald Wiggins (Wig). Mr. Wiggins had been playing jazz all night long at a club in L.A., and hadn't gotten out of bed, yet, by the time we arrived. He surprised me when he came out in his underwear, hands on face, looking like "Where am I?". After some conversation, and with his young children underfoot, he went to his piano and played it. And how he played it! WOW! I vowed (on the spot) that someday I would get him to play with my group. He did...using Gerald, Teddy Edwards, and other great musicians! That was only the beginning of many "wows". I thought I died and gone to heaven. On another occasion, at Wig's home on a sunny afternoon, as he played his up-right piano, we taped 6 tunes, all good standards, on reel to reel. I knew I was having a fabulous adventure. His piano had a remarkable, interesting sound that those of us privileged to hear will always remember nostalgically. Now, with the new technology, the tunes have been re-mastered for your listening pleasure. I give you, without further adieu, "I'll Remember Wigg". In loving memory of Gerald Wiggins, (Wigg) 5/12/1922 - 7/13/2008 Thank You, Frances Coche'

1.1 My Ship
1.2 The Girl from Ipanema
1.3 For Heaven Sake
1.4 Too Late
1.5 The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
1.6 I'll Remember April

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