Frances England: Mind of My Own

Frances England: Mind of My Own
Title: Mind of My Own
Label: CD Baby

Early Praise for Mind of My Own - Frances' sound is 'original, fresh and honest. It is "lo-fi" without being simplified. Her voice is unique and distinctive without being "quirky" or laden with affectations. Her lyrics are REAL - they are descriptive and thoughtful and speak to the beauty and joy of childhood...but they don't ONLY speak to children. One listen to the new CD had me simultaneously grinning widely and on the verge of tears. These are beautifully crafted songs sung by a talented artist who knows, feels and conveys a parent's love.....It's as if she's reached inside and found chords to project those feelings that you thought were indescribable. And it feels good to hear them. It's FUN. Musically, this CD stands toe to toe with "grown up Indie" tunes. As a matter of fact, I'd venture to say that starting a munchkin on Frances England music early will cultivate good taste in aural selections farther down the road. (Parents, this will pay off BIG in Middle School when the family room ceiling is shaking from the cranking stereo above. Mark my words. I heard some Bob Wills-ian fiddling on "Do You Hear the Birds Singing" and I believe Woody Guthrie would feel right at home with my Liam's favorite "Bicycle". "Red Balloon" reminds me of the flavor of Edie Brickell and New Bohemians...but better. It's lyrical kryptonite to me, as it mentions both Henry David Thoreau AND old guitars in describing four year olds - GAH! How spot-on! "High on the Mountainside" is arguably the perfect blend of harmonic Kindie folk and eco-consciousness. (It sparked a discussion with Liam - who's four - that involved Googling for images of idyllic woodland scenes and culminated in the excited planning of a family hiking trip.) A collaboration with Mates of State on "Place in Your Heart" brings depth to a rockin' feel good chorus. Oh, just face it - there's not a bad song in the bunch. My absolute favorite, though? "To Be". "If you find comfort in the moonlight, if you find hope in a star, if you let your heart do all your talkin', everyone knows who you are. And you know what it means to be - you know what it means to just be. Oh, child! Teach me to be. Child, teach me." How did she know that I'd been missing these things? How did she know that I needed to be reminded to look through my son's eyes at this beautiful world we're sharing? How did she know how to make me feel like a kid again in the space of one three minute song? ---- Ri O'Laughlin,

1.1 Mind of My Own
1.2 Do You Hear the Birds Singing?
1.3 Jacques Cousteau
1.4 Red Balloon
1.5 Ladybug
1.6 Place in Your Heart
1.7 Bicycle
1.8 High on the Mountainside
1.9 Cookies and Milk
1.10 Vacation Delights
1.11 To Be
1.12 Come Back Home
1.13 All the Ways
1.14 Pieces of Me
1.15 Big Heart

Frances England: Mind of My Own

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