Francesca Lago

Francesca Lago: Unicorn

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Artist: Francesca Lago

Artist: Francesca Lago
Title: Unicorn

Trusting that less is more, Francesca writes very powerful and essential songs. Listening to her music is like entering a magic land. With her very expressive voice and the stories she tells, she makes you loose yourself and then, she will catch you again. Listening to Francesca's music is like entering a land of voice and acoustic sound. To trace out the boundaries of this land, one could talk about nufolk and low-fi, and looking after these boundaries PJ Harvey, Björk, Elliott Smith e Billie Holiday, could be put. Her voice is immediately sincere, the melodies she sings give off the fascination of freedom. There is something essential that lies in her and that avoids redundancy. She plays live with the excellent and eclectic Swiss cello player Zeno Gabaglio for a show full of expressive meanings.

1.1 You Will Come Like Sunshine
1.2 The Unicorn
1.3 Black Thoughts
1.4 Number 24
1.5 The Workings of a Dubious Life
1.6 Head North

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