Francesco Lo Castro

Francesco Lo Castro: While We Hope & Dream

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Product Type: CD

Title: While We Hope & Dream
Label: CD Baby

While we hope and dream is the result of an artistic collaboration that in many ways started before the three of us ever met. As we played together, shared experiences, and engaged in lengthy discussions regarding our respective musical philosophies we learned that we had much in common despite our vastly disparate backgrounds. Perhaps the most prominent aspect of our kindred spirits is a shared dedication to melody. We attempted with great care to produce a project that would bring the listener along as a participant in an experience of beauty and lyricism. In an era of aggressively over produced disposable music that closely mirrors the frantic pace of modern life, it is truly our hope and dream that this music offers a peaceful and enjoyable respite.

1.1 While We Hope and Dream
1.2 Cross Eyed
1.3 By Candlelight
1.4 I' Te Vurria Vasa
1.5 No Reason Why
1.6 The 13th Note
1.7 Sometimes
1.8 Kelley's Garden
1.9 Joe Pass ; Jim Hall

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