Francis Mann

Francis Mann: Last Prophecy

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Francis Mann

Title: Last Prophecy
Label: CD Baby

The Last Prophecy CD is a group of 12 instrumental songs I wrote to draw a close approach to some of the mysteries and well kept secrets of this humanity that are on the basis of the human history and destiny. Stories are told instrumentally, in a way that the listener perceives the ambiance and the instrumental narration and inevitably gets involved in the story that unfolds, like in a play. Rennes-le-Château, where is said to be hidden the Holy Grail that carries the explanation of Jesus blood line; Sun's Gate relates to the precession of the equinoxes and how people along the ages understood it all comes from the sun; The Last Prophecy, the story behind humanity course in this world as we know it - sacred texts and ancient buildings have 'stored' within them, numerical values and dimensions which relates to this; Ocean's Secret, is the narration of the first voyage of Columbus, on deck with him, in the hours before the aurora that preceded the first glimpse of land after three months alone in the ocean; The Power of the Elements is a brief narration of the creation of the universe and life as we know it; Underground Rivers approaches the powerful knowledge carried along the ages by secret societies; The Dance of the Wales is an alert for what is becoming of this planet with the destruction of it's life supporting scenarios. The Last Prophecy is a strong imagery instrumental music work, has reached a significant acclamation among alternative music fans, having had radio broadcast and interviews as far as Macau. You can find the videos from The Last Prophecy album on Youtube, looking for Francis Mann. Hope you can relate to the music, alowing it to reach you - it will dwell into your senses. Francis Mann.

1.1 Rennes-Le-Ch Teau
1.2 Riding the Waves
1.3 Sun's Gate
1.4 The Last Prophecy
1.5 Ocean's Secret
1.6 The Power of the Elements
1.7 Dark Veil Over Nightly Skies
1.8 Lacrima
1.9 Underground Rivers
1.10 The Dance of the Whales
1.11 Rennes-Le-Ch Teau (Reprise)
1.12 Ocean's Secret [Piano Version] [Version]

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