Franco Micalizzi

Franco Micalizzi: Cinema a Mano Armata

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Artist: Franco Micalizzi
Title: Cinema a Mano Armata

The Big Bubbling Band was created by the soundtrack composer Franco Micalizzi to perform many of the musical theme songs written by him for the so called "Italian polizieschi' films in the 70's and 80's: 'La Banda del Gobbo', 'Italia a mano armata', 'Roma a mano armata', 'Il Cinico, l'Infame, il Violento', 'Napoli violenta', 'Delitto sull'autostrada', 'Genova a mano armata', 'They call me Trinity', 'The Visitor', 'Beyond the door'. To remember the concerts of the Band on October 2005 at 'Casa del Jazz' in Rome and the innovative one at the 'Rolling Stone' in Milan, on May 30th 2006, where famous rappers, dj's and hip-hop breakdancers participated very successfully. Micalizzi's musical style meets effectively with the popular 'Italian polizieschi' movies, that also the famous director Quentin Tarantino has recently confirmed to have been inspired to. Micalizzi's musical writing fits perfectly with the fast and dramatic action sequences, typical of the urban crime stories. From his orchestral funk-jazz compositions, various hip-hop artists and rappers have drawn in the last years, through the use of the sampling and the breakbeat.

1.1 Hot Spots
1.2 Italia a Mano Armata
1.3 Affanno
1.4 Running to the Airport
1.5 Caccia Al Cinese
1.6 Folk and Violence
1.7 Stridulum Theme
1.8 Bargain with the Devil
1.9 Hospital Sequence
1.10 Roma a Mano Armata
1.11 Delitto Sull'autostrada
1.12 Big Fight
1.13 Trinity

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