Frank Cassidy

Frank Cassidy: Tin Air

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Artist: Frank Cassidy

Artist: Frank Cassidy
Title: Tin Air

Frank Cassidy is joined by Dennis Alexander, Chris Bartos, Greg Brown, Nathan Curry, Marietta Fraser, Rob Graves Ken Harper, Don Kavanagh, Denis Langtot, Phil Murphy, Rosario Ruane, and James Stephens. An ablum of 14 new Traditional Irish style new tunes, 1 new song, 1 traditional song and 3 traditional tunes. Highly acclaimed in the US and Canada for it's originality and musicality.

1.1 On the Wake/The Fair Haired Girl
1.2 Tin Air
1.3 Kileen's Fairy Hills
1.4 Too Much Tea / Killygally
1.5 The Irish Acadian Boy / Katie's
1.6 The Last Leaving
1.7 Pontiac Potpourri
1.8 Dear Old Galway Bay
1.9 The Salmon Beds / Erin's Kitchen
1.10 The Gates of the Yellow Town
1.11 Last Night's Effort / the Galloping Ass
1.12 Drums of War
1.13 James Fintan's Fancy / Highstreet Surprise

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