Frank Gubala Polka Band

Frank Gubala Polka Band: Greatest Polkas You Ever Heard 2

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Title: Greatest Polkas You Ever Heard 2
Label: CD Baby

This album, The Greatest Polkas You Ever Heard Volume II by the Frank Gubala Band will remind you of the energy and expertise of great polka music style. Imagine the ballroom dance floor with flying dancers showing their style and flair. The music incorporates original selections by Frank Gubala, entertainer, arranger, accordionist, and well known polka artist. Volume I represents his first recording works, and the Volume II celebrates the style that was a hallmark for the bands performing a quicker paced northeastern dance beat. Drummer Bob Gubala is rated as one of the driving forces in the band, and vocalist and upright Bassist Bob Wolan, lends a smooth vocal rendition of the fun loving selection, Cute Doll Polka. The vocal, even though in Polish language, tells about the jealous boyfriend who observes his girlfriend that she is kissing another, only to find out that the other happens to be her beloved brother. Not Far From Krakow is a pretty waltz and compliments the albums diverse musical selections. Many have remarked about the Poor Boy Polka which advises young men to search for a 'well to do' lady. It is a fun polka and will lead you to a few laughs and a sing-along la-la-la refrain. Yankee Doodle is based on the well known Civil War Song which is in itself a fun story about doodling. The bonus track, Robert Polka was handed down to Frank and was recorded in 1934 by Frank's father in law, violinist and bandleader, Shep Wolan. He composed the polka for his son Bob when he was just a youngster, and placed into the collection as part of the Frank Gubala Custom Records Collectors Series. We know that you will enjoy this remarkable remaster and play it often. Na Zdrowie, or to your good health!

1.1 Cute Doll Polka (Vocal)
1.2 Pretty Coquette Polka
1.3 Cyraneczka Waltz (Vocal)
1.4 Swirl Your Girl Polka
1.5 Little Tadek (Ted) Polka
1.6 Not Far from Krakow Waltz (Vocal)
1.7 Poor Boy Polka
1.8 Adam's Polka
1.9 Double Date Oberek
1.10 Crazy Farm Polka (Vocal)
1.11 Bourbon and Coke Polka
1.12 Yankee Doodle Polka
1.13 Robert Polka

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