Frank Macchia: Introducing Frankie Maximum

Frank Macchia: Introducing Frankie Maximum
Title: Introducing Frankie Maximum
Label: CD Baby

This CD is finally available on CDBaby- Frank's very first CD project featuring some of the best musicians in the San Francisco area, including Mike Hyman, Robert Freeberg and Jim Hellman on drums, Bud E Luv, Karen Drucker and Leslie Delahanty on vocals, John Hoy and Eric Jensen on guitars and many more! This CD is an eclectic blend of music styles, from the opening fanfare 'Through the Portals', into the Zappa-esque 'I Don't Want To', twisting and weaving through big band jazz and R&B, new wave rock, latin jazz, polkas, screaming fusion rock and even some 23rd century acapella vocalizing!! Not for the musically conventional, this CD will put hair on your chest!!! Go for it! Show the world you can take the Frankie Maximum challenge.

1.1 Through the Portals
1.2 I Don't Want to
1.3 Boogie Woogie Fever
1.4 Rhythmachine
1.5 Haunted
1.6 Fat
1.7 Let It Rip Tonight
1.8 Tres en Dos
1.9 In the First Mind
1.10 French Bread Polka
1.11 Don't Panic
1.12 Heartouched
1.13 Exercise in Terror
1.14 Martian Sunset
1.15 Jumpin' at the Barnyard

Frank Macchia: Introducing Frankie Maximum

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