Frank Ravenwolf Henninger

Frank Ravenwolf Henninger: Ravenwolf 2: Musical Explorations with Multi Chamb

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Product Type: CD

Title: Ravenwolf 2: Musical Explorations with Multi Chamb
Label: CD Baby

Ravenwolf's music is his unique expression of emotions and experiences, using the native American flute, several world flutes, and other indigenous instruments like cajon, udu and didgeridoo. This CD is his second musical offering to the world, a blend of many types of tracks designed to enhance the lives of the listeners. On it he also plays all but one of the background instruments. You will find tracks here that will relax you, and to which you may even lapse into meditation. But there are also some that will get your feet tapping. The artist has achieved a wonderful variety of musical keys and styles while remaining true to the indigenous origins of these instruments. There is a complete list of flutes and keys used in these tracks on the artist's website. This music is hard to categorize, yet a beautiful experience. He believes that 'Playing the native flute is the channeling of the human breath into the sound of Spirit.'

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