Frank Sinatra: That's Life

Frank Sinatra: That&
Artist: Frank Sinatra
Title: That's Life

2014 re-release. Following the across-the-boards success of STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT, THAT'S LIFE continued Frank Sinatra's streak of commercially successful albums that straddled the line between traditional and contemporary pop music. Adding more pop music techniques to his repertoire of show tunes, THAT'S LIFE made contemporary pop concessions while satisfying Sinatra's own taste for weightier, more respected material. Although it was a pop-oriented record, Sinatra had not begun to rely on rock-influenced productions; instead, arranger/conductor Ernie Freeman contributed charts that alternated between bluesy, brassy swingers and string arrangements, supported by a backing chorus. The album is notable for it's title song, 'That's Life', which proved to be a top five hit for Sinatra in the age of post-Beatles rock music. The 1966 album reached #6 on the pop chart and is certified Gold.

1.1 That's Life
1.2 I Will Wait for You
1.3 Somewhere My Love (Lara's Theme)
1.4 Sand and Sea
1.5 What Now My Love
1.6 Winchester Cathedral
1.7 Give Her Love
1.8 Tell Her (You Love Her Each Day)
1.9 The Impossible Dream (The Quest)
1.10 You're Gonna Hear from Me

Frank Sinatra: That's Life

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