Frankenpine: Crooked Mountain

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Artist: Frankenpine

Artist: Frankenpine
Title: Crooked Mountain

Frankenpine's full-length debut nods to tradition without bowing to it. The Crooked Mountain, recorded mostly in the band's home base of Brooklyn, tells true stories of nightmarish madhouses and outlaw gunfighters; of getting knocked around and licking your wounds; of epic quests and dying for love. Bluegrass, country, Americana and swing all rear their heads. The result is a set of songs with propulsive rhythms and searing solos, tight arrangements and soaring vocal harmonies. The fiddle climbs, the accordion sighs. The banjo rolls and the bass digs in. The album was produced by former EMI A&R man and founder of Beehive Productions, Jeff Oehler. He shepherded the songs from pre-production through mixing and mastering, prepared the band for the peculiarities of the studio and helped hone the material. The result is a set of tunes-12 originals and one traditional-that sound strong and full without ever feeling crowded or busy. The Crooked Mountain is what Frankenpine's members had been hearing in their heads all along. Building on tradition, it hammers out something new. Frankenpine is a Brooklyn-based string band with roots reaching from the subway platforms of the city up the Hudson Valley to the crooked mountains of the Adirondacks. The banjo and fiddle in it's ranks give it a touch of bluegrass, but the band's original music draws on a wide range of influences-everything from blues to gypsy jazz to rock to old-time. The band formed as a trio in 2007 and has since grown to include Kim and Matthew Chase, Liz Bisbee, Ned P. Rauch, Colin DeHond and sometimes Andy Mullen. They play acoustic and resonator guitars, mandolin, bass, fiddle, harmonica, banjo, accordion, percussion and whatever else is within reach. The band has appeared on WNYC, WKCR (Columbia University's radio station) and North Country Public Radio and performs regularly around New York City and the Hudson Valley. Frankenpine recently completed a year-long residency at the Lakeside Lounge, in the East Village.

1.1 Texas Outlaw
1.2 La Fee Verte
1.3 Blackwell Island
1.4 Faceless Weaver
1.5 Never Lie
1.6 Over Your Bones
1.7 Wolf at the Door
1.8 Baltimore
1.9 Cold Water
1.10 Eye of the Whale
1.11 Convict Grade
1.12 John the Revelator
1.13 Into My Own

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