Frankovic: Frankovic

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Artist: Frankovic

Title: Frankovic
Label: CD Baby

Frankovic is a dutch electronic musician. On this page you'll find his first full studio album that is completely composed, produced, recorded and mixed by Frankovic. His music is mostly illusive and imaginative. Leaving much room for the listeners own interpretation. Music - a way of living Learning music is one thing, but for electronic music that's not enough. Finding the right sounds an rhythms for each situation is a time consuming business. Frankovic samples are - for the largest part - self recorded in his studio or outside with a field recorder. Recordings with all sorts of percussion instruments, natural noises or sounds (doors slamming, ducks splashing in ponds, riding a bicycle through town, people shouting). Also guest musicians are invited to come play some melodic lines. Equipment Besides the mentioned percussion instruments, Frankovic plays drums as well, both electronic (Roland) and acoustic drums. Added with a couple of guitars and basses, the studio offers plenty of possibilities. The main equipment for manipulationg and creating composites with the recorded samples are Akai MPC, KORG electribe, KORG synths and for mixing and mastering the Ableton Live Suite on a iMac.What people who bought this had to say about it: 'It gives so much room for my own fantasy, it carries me away each time I listen to it.' Ronald L. 'Very divers, all sorts of styles and genres are mixed up together. It's mostly down beat.' Jan S. 'A whole new genre, call it the Frankovic style! Never ever heard anything like it before. It's a strange but lovely combination of beats and subtle melodies. Can't really say what style it is in.' Aad K. 'Real fat and creative beats. Great job!' Bask.

1.1 Accident
1.2 Revisit
1.3 Still Life
1.4 What Number
1.5 Overly Deep Holes
1.6 Atomic Fruit Salad
1.7 Percussion Is Vital
1.8 Heal Them
1.9 Multi Track
1.10 We Were a New Mix
1.11 Woodloan
1.12 Break Off
1.13 Dark Groove

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