Franz Nicolay

Franz Nicolay: To Us the Beautiful

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Artist: Franz Nicolay

Artist: Franz Nicolay
Title: To Us the Beautiful

2015 release. Franz Nicolay is that multi-instrumentalist and man-about-town peddling a modern vaudeville with full-throated songs and stories shamelessly strident, stentorian and more than a little sentimental. He's been a member of cabaret-punk circus World/Inferno Friendship Society, world's best bar band the Hold Steady, Balkan-jazz carnies Guignol, founded the outlaw orchestra Anti-Social Music, was a touring member of agit-punks Against Me! And recorded or performed with everyone from Leftover Crack to Bruce Springsteen. TO US, THE BEAUTIFUL!, the title, and title track, is from a Ukrainian toast that goes, "To us, the beautiful-and to those who disagree, may their eyes fall out." in a mere 6 days of rehearsal and recording, with Andrew Seward of Against Me! On bass, Ara Babajian of Leftover Crack on drums, the NYC guitarist Yoni Gordon, and J. Robbins of the excellent Jawbox and Burning Airlines producing, TO US, THE BEAUTIFUL! ^#^is bulging with hooks into your heart-guts and elegant melodies that only Nicolay could concoct and deliver.

1.1 To Us, the Beautiful!
1.2 Marfa Lights
1.3 Talk to Him in Shallow Water
1.4 Bright Whight
1.5 Imperfect Rhyme
1.6 Everything Is Going According to Plan
1.7 Open with the Wrestlers
1.8 The Pilot Inside
1.9 Bring Me a Mirror
1.10 Jerusalem Against Athens
1.11 Your Body, and the Borderline
1.12 Porta Fenestella

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