Fred Friction: Jesus Drank Wine

Fred Friction: Jesus Drank Wine
Title: Jesus Drank Wine
Label: CD Baby

Alternative country/blues/folk R.I.Y.L. David Allen Coe, Tom Waits, Charles Bukowski, Loretta Lynn, Vic Chestnutt, Nick Cave ( If it sounds real and it smells honest, it might very well be me - or some other jackass with a guitar ).

1.1 Whiskey I Drink
1.2 Everbody Gotta Get They Dime
1.3 Don't Want Too Much (Won't Get Too Far)
1.4 Goodnight K-Leen
1.5 I Am Not Proper
1.6 Forget About You
1.7 I Wanna Go to Jail
1.8 Morte D'amour
1.9 Bottle-A-Day
1.10 Engaged to Get Divorced
1.11 Fine By Me
1.12 Little Baby Dreams

Fred Friction: Jesus Drank Wine

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