Freddie Hubbard

Freddie Hubbard: Hub Cap

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Artist: Freddie Hubbard

Artist: Freddie Hubbard
Title: Hub Cap
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Freddie Hubbard's tenure as a leader on Blue Note Records is his most preferred period for most jazz fans. This is hard bop, with taste, due to Philly Joe on drums. Complimenting Freddie's hard bop style is Jimmy Heath on tenor sax, Julian Priester on trombone, Cedar Walton on piano, Larry Ridley on bass, and of course Philly Joe Jones on drums. The album opens with the haunting, "Hub Cap". The ballad, "Cry Me Not" is an interesting piece, not a love ballad by all means but very progressive. This album is dark, complex, and revolutionary. This is a master album! Hub-Cap boasts his desires of new sights and heart of an explorer and is not to be missed.

1.1 Hub Cap
1.2 Cry Me Not
1.3 Luana
1.4 Osie Mae
1.5 Plexus
1.6 Earmon Jr.

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