Freddie Leon

Freddie Leon: Musical Tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Freddie Leon

Title: Musical Tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim
Label: CD Baby

As I began to involve myself deeper into my musical studies during my early teens, I started paying more attention to varied musical genres through radio broadcasting, recordings, and live performances. Although I enjoyed most of them, Classical, Jazz, Latin Jazz, Pop, and Salsa music, among others, one genre in particular captivated my attention, the Brazilian Bossa Nova. Even though I did not understand the language completely (as a Spanish-speaking person, I am able to understand a bit of Portuguese) or much about the complexities and intricacies, i.e., the harmonic changes, it's distinctive melodic lines, or the mixing of several Brazilian and foreign musical elements, the sound of the Bossa Nova just simply touched me. Ever since that first magical moment, the Bossa Nova has been present in my heart and soul. This CD is a personal tribute to one of Brazil's most famous and respected popular music composer and the father of this unique musical style, Antonio Carlos Jobim (1927-1994). I have always greatly admired his talent and compositions. For many years I have performed many of his works, which have significantly influenced my personal musical taste, inspiration, and compositions. Most of the music contained in this CD was composed during my three-year tenure (1998-2000) as the restaurant and lounge pianist at the magnificent and elegant Rosewood Resort Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I wish to thank my dear friend Freddie Diaz for his unconditional help throughout the years regarding recording techniques and programming; and my wonderful wife, Jannette, for all her cooperation and patience during the recording and mixing of this personal and humble tribute to the great maestro Jobim. Maestro, thank you for your music! Maestro, gracias por su musica! Maestro, obrigado pela sua musica! Freddie Leon Brooklyn, New York Winter of 2010.

1.1 La Outra Garota de Ipanema
1.2 Saudade
1.3 Samba Para Karina
1.4 Ohlos Tristes
1.5 Brazilian Dreams
1.6 I Think of You
1.7 Samba de Amor
1.8 Quiet Moments
1.9 Walking Aound Rio
1.10 Adios, Jobim

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