Frederic Delarue

Frederic Delarue: Reflection

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Artist: Frederic Delarue
Title: Reflection

Frederic Delarue's fifth solo instrumental album of SOOTHING RELAXING UNIQUE MUSIC that makes YOU FEEL... GOOD! Leaving my footprints on the sand dunes is like walking on the bottom of the ocean and I can sense the whales and dolphins energy that once lived in this magnificent place. This is how I feel: my Reflection. I invite you to reflect on the events in your life and surrender them to peace and love and bring forgiveness to yourself and anyone involved. An Album of Soothing Piano Music.

1.1 I Feel
1.2 The Sensual Touch on the Sand
1.3 Beneath the Footprints of My Sole
1.4 Rays of Light
1.5 Caress My Spirit
1.6 With Tender Passion
1.7 Beyond Eternity
1.8 I Remember
1.9 The Power of Silence
1.10 Through the Immensity of the Heart
1.11 I Am Free

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