The Frederick Brush Jazz Orchestra

The Frederick Brush Jazz Orchestra: Out of This World

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Artist: The Frederick Brush Jazz Orchestra
Title: Out of This World

Personnel on Out Of This World are: Frederick Brush, leader, arranger and guitarist and (bass) Lynn Nelson, vocals June Gunter, flute; Dr. Gregg Gelb, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone; Bob Kucinski, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone; Scott Parrish, bass clarinet and baritone saxophone; Chris Dunn, trumpet and flugelhorn; Rob Hill, trumpet and flugelhorn; Patrick Brush, trumpet and flugelhorn; Chris Shaw, tenor trombone and bass trombone; Keith Brush, bass; Court Stewart, piano; Tim Haley, drums and percussion This album, Out Of This World, is the culmination of a long-held dream of mine. That being, to record a collection of my large jazz ensemble (big band) arrangements. I began arranging for big band in the late 1960's, in Billings, MT, while a member of The Billings Studio Orchestra, but never got any of them 'on tape'. When I moved to North Carolina in 2005, I began arranging for local bands. Soon it was occupying a very large portion of my waking (and non-waking) hours. Finally, in the Spring of 2014, with the encouragement of my partner and vocalist, Lynn Nelson, it was decided to get some of my favorite arrangements recorded. Doyle Wood, owner and recording engineer of Daxwood Studios, in Fayetteville, NC was contacted to take on the ambitious project. The huge task of selecting the right musicians began. Because of the smaller size of the Daxwood facilities, multi-tracking recording techniques were used throughout the project. The format of the arrangements were pretty well standard for big band: 4 trumpets/flugelhorns; 5 saxophones/clarinets; 4 trombones/bass trombone; piano, bass, guitar, drums, plus vocals. Daxwood could not quite accommodate this many people. We accomplished recording the 'big band' format by having 2 trumpet players play all 4 parts (two at a time, then overdubbing two more, then adding solos), one trombone player played all 4 trombone (including bass trombone) parts; 3 saxophone players played all 5 sax parts.... and so forth. Flute was added to four songs, 2 Bb clarinets plus bass clarinet were added to one. Utility percussion instruments (congas, shaker, claves, etc.) were added to several. Arch- top, electric and classical (nylon stringed) guitars were added on all tracks. In planning the sessions it was decided early-on that two of my sons, Patrick and Keith, also highly-regarded world-class professional musicians, would be asked to be a part of the project. Both agreed but, due to their busy schedules, each could only make one (of the three) sessions. (Keith Brush is a very busy bassist in the Portland, Oregon area. He is a member of several popular groups and tours regularly throughout Europe and the U.S. Technical Sergeant, Patrick Brush is a member and trumpet player/videographer of the United States Air Force Academy Band and The Falconaires Jazz Ensemble in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He and members of this organization travel all over the world.) Because Keith could only make the 1st session in Fayetteville (4 songs), I played electric bass on the rest of the remaining 9. But, I wanted Keith to be the 'bassist' on the project so.....after all the horns and rhythm instruments were recorded, we sent the mix, minus the bass tracks that I had played, out to a studio in Portland, where Keith added his parts. His parts were then shipped back to Daxwood and mixed into the original tracks. The biggest challenge was not, as you might think, reading the charts......these fine folk could read anything! The most difficult part was playing the parts, plus overdubs, with feeling....making the end result sound like there were 19-20 musicians standing on a stage right in front of you, the listener. And that takes real musicianship! We were so fortunate to find just the right line up of musicians that could do just that. Much can be said about the vocal stylings of Lynn Nelson. She brings a special emotional warmth, to the recordings herein. A natural singer, Lynn has performed with jazz musicians, musical theatre and participated in several European tours, as a member of the Los Robles Master Chorale, headquartered in Southern California. Lynn and I thank Doyle Wood and all the fine musicians on this recording. We all hope that you enjoy these arrangements! Frederick Brush Pinehurst, NC October 2014

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