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Frederika Krier: Devoted

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Artist: Frederika Krier

Artist: Frederika Krier
Title: Devoted

The quartet around the Romanian-German NYC based violinist Frederika Krier was founded 2005. The musicians met during their study at the new Jazz Institut Berlin. Own compositions along with the unusual instrumentation of violin and electric guitar characterize the special sound of the band. The influences and categorisations seem to be full of opposites. Jazz, groove, free, minimalism, world music and new classical music melt together to an organic whole and actual contradictions connect with the greatest of ease. African rhythms build an synthesis with Indian scales, composition technique of Arnold Schoenberg and drum&bass grooves. But most important is always the creation in the moment, improvisation and personality of each single musician forming something new. This band fascinates with a unique mixture of clear, intellectually formed minimalistic compositions full of emotional depth, a supreme rhythmic complexity and an unbrakeable joy of playing. By the awake and interactive interplay of the four talented musicians there are created intensive lyrical, energyloaded and explosive improvisations and textures. All these are the characteristic features of this unusual and unique band that excites and convinces a growing audience. 'Today Frederika Krier is one of the golden names of the next generation of jazz musicians, whether we speak about the European or American scene. She was born in Timisoara, grew up in Germany and settled in the U.S. and will perform on July 22nd....promises to be one of the most exciting moments of the Garana Jazz Festival.' (www. Tion. Ro 2011) The second day opened with the remarkably fluid show of Frederika Krier Quartet--guitarist Peter Meyer, bassist Malte Tonissen and drummer Diego Pinera--performing a homogenous synthesis of jazz, minimalism and world music influences. Krier--an international jazz violinist and composer born in Romania, raised in Germany and presently living in New York--gave a dynamic performance characterized by tight, well-structured melodic sequences emerging from the tense, obsessive rhythmical patterns into inspiriting grooves. The first surprise of the festival. (allaboutjazz 2011) 'I would be remiss if I didn't mention how incredible were Frederica Krier and her super tight band' (the uptown collective NYC, August 2011) 'galactically good on the violin Frederika Krier' (Nordbayrische Nachrichten, Dez 2007) 'lucent sounds for the present' (Neue Tonne Dresden, march 2009) ' the young 'Frederika Krier Quartett' has broken fresh ground in composition and musical execution and these who let themselves in for that new at the Jazzkeller have experiences a special evening. Simplicity and exuberand joy of playing took turns, you could hear improvisation and inspiration and time and again Frederika Krier took over the musical lead.' (s'blättla Weinstadt, march 2009) 'and exceptional violinist in the field of jazz!' (Yorkschlößchen Berlin, march 2009) CD Review by Bruce Lee Gallanter: FREDERIKA KRIER QUARTETT With KALLE ZEIER/MALTE TONISSEN/MARTIN KRUMMLING - Devoted (Private Release; EEC) Frederika Krier on violin & compositions, Kalle Zeier on guitar & compositions, Malte Tonissen on acoustic bass and Martin Krummling on drums. Ms. Krier is a young Romanian-born, formerly Bavarian-based violinist who now lives in NYC. She's worked with Kurt Rosenwinkel, Frank Lacy & Rudi Mahall, amongst a number of the better Downtown & European musicians. She leads two bands, the Frederika Klier Quartett in Berlin and Molecular Vibrations in NY. Ms. Krier has played here at DMG on a few occasions with GL Diana on laptop and each set was pretty great. I wasn't sure what to expect when she left us with her quartet CD but I am glad she did. The Berlin-based Frederika Krier Quartett is/are a diverse and spirited bunch. Their music falls somewhere between progressive and jazz/rock. Three of the seven pieces were written by guitarist Kalle Zeier, his first piece is called 'Terror'. It is tight, quick and well written with intricate lines shared by the guitar and violin. This piece has that swell start and stop type of structure with spirited solos from Kalle's guitar and Frederika's violin. The rhythm team is also impressive and engaged. 'Fermions' starts with some cool popping harmonics on guitar, lilting bowed acoustic bass and trash-can like cymbal providing a hypnotic, rocking groove. While their guitarist uses some selective devices on his guitar wisely to alter his sound, Ms. Krier plays a number of exciting, crafty solos without the need of any alterations. I know that Frederika is a fan of early Jean Luc Ponty, the legendary jazz/rock violinist and at times her writing and playing seem to come from a similar area. 'Balladesk' is a haunting ballad written by Mr. Zeier with some lovely violin and guitar floating on top. Each song on this disc is a challenge for each member of the quartet as the rhythm, dynamics and structure evolves throughout. 'Devoted' is a most impressive debut from a fine violinist who has yet to turn 30. The title seems most appropriate since Frederika Krier is obviously devoted to her playing, composing and bandleading. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery.

1.1 Terror (K. Zeier)
1.2 Fermions (F. Krier)
1.3 Balladesk (K. Zeier)
1.4 Kandam Malahari (F. Krier)
1.5 Without (F. Krier)
1.6 Devotee (F. Krier)
1.7 Iceland (K. Zeier)

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