Freedom: Black on White

Freedom: Black on White
Title: Black on White
Label: Edge Mus640

2009 archive release from this Procol Harum offshoot. Freedom was formed in the summer of 1967 by two former Procol members Bobby Harrison and Ray Royer, who had been dismissed from Procol after 'internal disagreements'. They became the first clients of Jonathon Weston who had been Procol's manager (until he had been ousted just before Harrison and Royer). They all had something to prove They were immediately commissioned by Dino de Laurentis (famed Italian producer) to write the score for an Italian film Black on White and in 1968 wrote and recorded 14 tracks within two months. Angel Air.

1.1 To Be Free
1.2 The Better Side
1.3 Attraction-Black on White/With You
1.4 The Butt of Deception
1.5 The Truth Is Plain to See
1.6 Childhood Refections
1.7 Seeing Is Believing
1.8 You Won't Miss
1.9 Born Again
1.10 Decidedly Man
1.11 Relation
1.12 We Say No
1.13 The Game Is Over
1.14 The Better Side (Working Mix-Single Vocal)
1.15 The Butt of Deception (Working Mix)
1.16 Born Again (Dry Version)
1.17 Where Will You Be Tonight? (June 1968 Single)
1.18 Trying to Get a Glimpse of You (June 1968 Single)
1.19 Trying to Get a Gimpse of You (Mellotron)
1.20 Trying to Get a Gimpse of You (Piano)

Freedom: Black on White

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